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Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Karen Whitelaw-Smith has a unique mind set, psychic ability and a pure energy which enables a clear communication channel with Spirit. Karen teaches her 'Pure' Positive Thinking techniques to clients to Transform Lives From The Inside Out.

Her motivational presentations on The Butterfly Experience, Positive Thinking, Communication and Healing have a dynamic impact on her audiences. Her intuition, energy and engaging personality allow her to touch the souls of clients and audiences alike.

Karen has a unique way of making people feel at ease, heartening them so that they don't withdraw into fear and procrastination. She gives them permission to open up and try new ways of thinking, making them eager to learn her techniques.

Karen is that rare creature - a spiritual workhorse, a hypnotherapist and healer who has had a huge impact on hundreds of lives. Karen's work has gone international; attracting clients from over 12 countries. Karen now wants everyone to benefit from her techniques and share the wonderful results. No hype, no lies, no smoke and mirrors. Just healing home truths, and directions that will change your life. She simply leads people out into the light, leaving behind the pain they have created for themselves.

Qualifications, Training and Membership Author, Positive Thinking Expert, Inspirational Speaker Clinical Hypnotherapist; Member of the BSCH. D.Hyp, PDCHyp, MBSCH