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Raw Busiess Stand was the busiest at the show

Raw Business was buzzing at the Trade Show

Max Clifford Interviewed by Raw magazine

Raw Magazine interviews high profile Entrepreneurs like Max Clifford

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Lets be honest, if you have found us, you are already looking to either start networking, already network but are looking for something new, or are just interested in the world of business. Raw Business' Online Network caters for all of the above, offering advice to start-up companies and enterprises, a source of new contacts and business relationships for established enterprises, and comment, opinion and objective thoughts for those interested in business.


Raw Business Online is much more than just a network with countless profiles but no real heart. Network with like minded business owners, share your successes and your failures, express your frustrations and find answers to your questions through our Member Database, Business Forums, Features and Editorial.

Raw Business Membership gives you access to a wealth of invaluable knowledge and advise from both other Raw Members and our featured contributors.

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Bradley Chapman Coaching

Because business is about talking, talking is about networking and networking generates business. 

Bradley Chapman, MD of Raw Business presents himself as a speaker at many seminars such 'Best Business Event' and attracts large audiences who are intrigued and inspired by his own personal experiences and keen to learn how he does it himself!